Our Purpose & Vision


The Brimfield Evangelical Free Church exists for the purpose of glorifying God through:

  • Worship that exalts Christ and builds up the believers.
  • Biblical preaching that teaches the Bible as relevant to daily living.
  • Outreach and involvement into the surrounding community and the world.
  • Disciple making of all believers equipping them to use their gifts in serving Christ.
  • Fellowship with one another and other believers in Christ.
  • Instruction in the basic doctrines and disciplines of the Christian faith.


We desire to be a Church that is always seeking to:

  • Proclaim Biblical truth which impacts the lives of the people.
  • Proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ through our involvement in the community and in missionary support.
  • Promote Christ like acceptance and support of those who come to the church.
  • Produce Christians who demonstrate their faith in God’s ability to answer prayer.
  • Produce Christians who prayerfully seek and submit themselves to the leading of the Holy Spirit and the use of their Spiritual Gifts.
  • Produce disciples of Jesus Christ who openly express their faith in Him.
  • Offer worship that exalts and honors God and allows His people to experience Him.
  • Develop the spiritual growth of our youth.